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​Our Team

Exceeding expectations, one lawn at ​a time.

Andrew Smith


Andrew made a career of keeping a Branson-Area Golf Resort pristine, acting as Assistant Superintendent since 2013, with a variety of progressing roles and responsibilities on the course since 2008. With his family in tow, Andrew is putting all his experience and knowledge to good use on the residential and commercial lawns in the 417 area.

Rachel Howard

Operations Manager

Rachel enjoys her role as Operations Manager, ensuring the Team has everything they need to be successful. This multifaceted position allows Rachel to support the family's business while balancing the family's needs. She ensures that both the overall business goals and most importantly the customer's expectations are exceeded every time.  

The Howard-Smith Crew


Operations Enthusiasts

While learning the valuable lessons of hard work, collaboration, and working with a variety of tools and equipment, these kiddos are really starting to carve out their niches in this family business. From "Expert Stick and Rock Collector" to "Sidewalk and Driveway Clearing Specialist" the Howard-Smith Crew knows how to get the job done right.  


Barkscaping Supervisor

Charlie, while mostly just the company mascot, enjoys acting as co-pilot in and defender of the truck, herding the littlest of The Howard-Smith Crew, and guarding the stick pile(s). While Charlie is still working on her trainings, she is hopeful to one day offer vocal security for squirrel and rabbit trespassing, and deer shed hunting/removal services. 

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